Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Grandmother Revolution

What fun to tune into Patch Adams again and find out that he is urging us to make the same change that Gramma Sez is needed! We all know what the problems are and they are painful. What I love is Patch's emphasis on the 'how' of making the change. As a woman I know there is nothing more joyful than helping people to solve their problems and find happiness. Our world won't survive unless we become more loving and willing to share and care about each other. Let's join Patch in living this dream together.

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Dudley Evenson said...

It was so fun to find this great interview with Patch Adams calling a Grandmother Revolution. He truly understands the power of the Divine Feminine and how using the love of mother and of all women, we can make a shift in how we live our lives. It couldn't be more appropriate for your Gramma Sez blog. Onward!