Tuesday, October 4, 2011


A new idea – the Us for Precedent Campaign – will be launched at an event that also celebrates the 80th birthday of well-known community activist and teacher, Serene Stevenson.  For over four decades, Serene has studied and taught some of the “hows” of being a peaceful, happy, positive person. She feels that the problems of our times demand a vision that unites and inspires us to make the personal and community changes that acknowledge the connection and equality of ALL peoples.  
On her new BLOG, Ms. Stevenson presents her ideas as the character of a ‘Gramma’ who seeks truth with candor and humor. Gramma Sez - let us start with the old adage: “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you”. It’s a simple basic value agreed upon by every religion. Just imagine how different life would be using this ideal as a standard for relationships. 
The concept of Us for Precedent is about You and Me, all of Us, reaching a united state of agreement to learn to live at our highest level of consciousness. The Us for Precedent Campaign is a model for a different quality of political conversation and will suggest collective actions that will open up new ways of living together.  It encourages us to act as our own representatives and prove to ourselves and the world that as Americans, we can and will agree to realize at all levels of government the ideal of truly caring about the life, liberty and pursuit of happiness for ALL citizens.  
A key element in the Us for Precedent platform is agreeing to love as motivation for all our actions. Gramma sez “If you and I can agree to model this principle in our daily lives, we can then set a precedent for a new kind of self-governing.”  It is Gramma's hope that politicians of all parties re-examine their motives for wanting to govern and commit to the Platform <http://grammasez.blogspot.com/2011/02/us-for-precedent-platform.html>  of the Us for Precedent campaign.  Because Bellingham is already on the path of transition and sustainability, it is the perfect community to demonstrate the ‘how’ of living in harmony with the earth and each other.  Our city can be a ‘precedent’ of a vibrant community by agreeing, uniting and taking collective actions to remedy problems we haven’t tackled yet.  
Gramma has just purchased an RV and is getting ready to take her campaign to neighborhoods around Bellingham and the region. She wants to answer people’s questions about the Campaign and hear their suggestions for solving problems. She also hopes to meet and interview other ‘Precedents’ who are implementing creative change.  She will be posting these videos on her BLOG and YouTube channel so others will be excited to try new ideas.
Gramma Sez – “Let our united hearts be the voice of our society.”

Monday, October 3, 2011

Wall Street Protestors

Why are the young, peaceful protestors being treated violently and arrested by the NYC police?  Each of us needs to consider the answer to this question.  What are the rest of us going to do?  The major news networks are not covering the story.  As Eisenhower warned the industrial/military complex is totally in charge. We live in an America controlled by a very greedy, power hungry 1% of our population.  A country ruled  by the wealthy is a plutocracy not a constitutional republic. Capitalism is not about profit - it is about profiteering. We are no longer citizens - we have become cloned consumers.  Gramma Sez we have some very deep soul searching to do together. We have allowed ourselves to be ruled by our own belief  in the Almighty dollar.  Our people are confuse, depressed, out of work, hungry and angry. It is time for us to remember who we are an exercise our spiritual power.  We have an extraordinary opportunity to recognize that if we value each other and choose to care and share we will meet this challenge to change our personal direction and thus change the direction of our country.