Thursday, October 4, 2012

We know what divides us, now it's time to find what unites us!

Republican and Democratic Conventions are over and have succeeded in showing clearly what issues deeply divide our people.  No matter what candidates win the presidency, seats in congress, or governorships, we can look forward to the same governmental stalemates that have plagued our country for the last four years.  Can we overcome our divisiveness and focus on what we can agree on?  Gramma Sez “We can agree and unite to create a society based on caring and sharing.” Come to the Us for Precedent Unconventional Convention on Oct 14 at Presence Studio in Bellingham and let’s find out what we can agree on and take actions together for meaningful change. Are we willing to look at our own values and attitudes and change our “consumer lifestyles”? These are the questions that the Unconventional Convention will be addressing.
Here's a link to the Facebook event.  Hope to see you on Oct 14 - 

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Feelings about Mother's Day

Mother's Day is a holiday that celebrates the traditional tasks of women in the context of meeting the needs of their families. Mothers make sure their children have food, water, clothes, shoes, shelter, and sanitation.  Mothers make sure their children share toys with siblings and friends, settle sibling disputes, and decide time-outs.  Our Mothers teach us to respond politely to requests, to make friends from other families, and to go to school.  They provide care for sick family members including most elder care and last, but not least, they teach us to love our family members.
     If we look at the word's problems, the listing above describes the same tasks that on a societal scale need to be addressed by governments. In country after country, including the USA, large budget cuts are being proposed in these "caring" areas. We need governing to be "motherly" with caring, sharing, cooperation, peace and love as its goals. Our Constitution describes it as "provide for the General Welfare."
   Women all over the world are raising their voices and are demanding to be heard.  It is time for us to be equally represented at all levels of government. Gramma sez: Moms and Grandmothers know what "needs doing" for the families of the world. Let's organize a companion government and see what we can do together.  (More about this idea later.) Until then - Happy  Mother's Day.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Occupy Bellingham

When the Occupy Movement spread throughout the country and to other countries, I felt I must watch, learn and evaluate what was happening. These are some of the things I learned:

1) Occupiers called to our attention by marching and encampments that 1% of "Rich" people control the resources of our country. They protested "inequality" in a way that no other political party nor organization had.

2) The protest methods were practiced by only a small minority of the 99% of us. The suggestion to take your money out of big banks and put it in local banks and credit unions was an idea that caught on in our community and others as well.

3) The march and encampment protest method was literally stopped by police (who were paid for by the taxes of the 99%) with riot gear, tear gas, rubber bullets and batons. These violent methods were used to stop the Occupy movement encampments in almost every city in the country.

4) People of the 99% who did not visit an Occupy encampment, did not have the opportunity to experience the warmth and community spirit created in the encampments.  Although, the middle class is being hurt by the greed of corporate America, they were conspicuously absent from the marches and events.  Why didn't we turn out in large numbers to protect the protestors in their encampments?  This is the question that keeps arising in my heart.

5. Encampments used democratic procedures in regular weekly "General Assemblies" where the encampment members discussed issues and moved to consensus about further actions. See a link which demonstrates the unique hand signals to speed and clarify discussions.
Also, "Check Mike" was a procedure where the words of one voice were repeated by all voices so that microphones were not necessary.

6) It was apparent to me that the response of our local government to Occupy Bellingham was no different then the threat of  or use of violence against protestors in our country and also in countries all over the world - Egypt, Libya and Greece.

7) Our community, as well as other communities in our own country, must look at the fact that violence has been and still is the way that protest in our so-called democratic country has been squelched.

The movment of protest and actions to remedy the unfair  accumulation of enormous wealth of 1% OF OUR COUNTRYMEN  have only just begun!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My 80th Birthday Party

On October 14th, 2011 I had a marvelous 80th birthday celebration combined with a presentation of the basic values and goals of Us for Precedent. During my explanation I stressed the importance of recognizing our role of treating each person as part of the human family. I then asked my guests this question: "Will you be a member of my family?" I was given a resounding yes answer. Then I asked "Who is the one to make the change in the way we treat each other?" Half the guests said "I am the one" and the other half said "You are the one". Next,each half reversed their answers.

Since my "Coming out Party" I haven't written a word or shot a video- nada - about Us for Precedent. Occupy Wall St. came to life and I decided to listen and learn about this movement. I went on an Occupy Bellingham trip to Olympia in "Rave Queen", my campaign home. After some amazing interviews with Occupy Seattle members we were getting into Rave when I fell backwards out of its entrance and broke a vertebra in my back and shook up some ribs. Since then, I've been in constant pain and felt as if I had backed out of my own dream work of being a "Precedent".

Since the fall I've been working on my pain and anger. All of sudden I needed to be "taken care of". This realization came to me both as a drag and a gift. I've had to change the way I look at myself. The last three months have been the toughest challenges to my self-esteem and spiritual growth that I've ever had! I've had to ask myself the same question I posed at my party. "Am I the one to help renew the spirit of the Disunited State of America by "being the change". Once again I feel ready to say "I am the One" in answer to the question...Now I ask you to say aloud: "I am the One." Let our united hearts be the voice of our society. Love, Serene

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


A new idea – the Us for Precedent Campaign – will be launched at an event that also celebrates the 80th birthday of well-known community activist and teacher, Serene Stevenson.  For over four decades, Serene has studied and taught some of the “hows” of being a peaceful, happy, positive person. She feels that the problems of our times demand a vision that unites and inspires us to make the personal and community changes that acknowledge the connection and equality of ALL peoples.  
On her new BLOG, Ms. Stevenson presents her ideas as the character of a ‘Gramma’ who seeks truth with candor and humor. Gramma Sez - let us start with the old adage: “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you”. It’s a simple basic value agreed upon by every religion. Just imagine how different life would be using this ideal as a standard for relationships. 
The concept of Us for Precedent is about You and Me, all of Us, reaching a united state of agreement to learn to live at our highest level of consciousness. The Us for Precedent Campaign is a model for a different quality of political conversation and will suggest collective actions that will open up new ways of living together.  It encourages us to act as our own representatives and prove to ourselves and the world that as Americans, we can and will agree to realize at all levels of government the ideal of truly caring about the life, liberty and pursuit of happiness for ALL citizens.  
A key element in the Us for Precedent platform is agreeing to love as motivation for all our actions. Gramma sez “If you and I can agree to model this principle in our daily lives, we can then set a precedent for a new kind of self-governing.”  It is Gramma's hope that politicians of all parties re-examine their motives for wanting to govern and commit to the Platform <>  of the Us for Precedent campaign.  Because Bellingham is already on the path of transition and sustainability, it is the perfect community to demonstrate the ‘how’ of living in harmony with the earth and each other.  Our city can be a ‘precedent’ of a vibrant community by agreeing, uniting and taking collective actions to remedy problems we haven’t tackled yet.  
Gramma has just purchased an RV and is getting ready to take her campaign to neighborhoods around Bellingham and the region. She wants to answer people’s questions about the Campaign and hear their suggestions for solving problems. She also hopes to meet and interview other ‘Precedents’ who are implementing creative change.  She will be posting these videos on her BLOG and YouTube channel so others will be excited to try new ideas.
Gramma Sez – “Let our united hearts be the voice of our society.”

Monday, October 3, 2011

Wall Street Protestors

Why are the young, peaceful protestors being treated violently and arrested by the NYC police?  Each of us needs to consider the answer to this question.  What are the rest of us going to do?  The major news networks are not covering the story.  As Eisenhower warned the industrial/military complex is totally in charge. We live in an America controlled by a very greedy, power hungry 1% of our population.  A country ruled  by the wealthy is a plutocracy not a constitutional republic. Capitalism is not about profit - it is about profiteering. We are no longer citizens - we have become cloned consumers.  Gramma Sez we have some very deep soul searching to do together. We have allowed ourselves to be ruled by our own belief  in the Almighty dollar.  Our people are confuse, depressed, out of work, hungry and angry. It is time for us to remember who we are an exercise our spiritual power.  We have an extraordinary opportunity to recognize that if we value each other and choose to care and share we will meet this challenge to change our personal direction and thus change the direction of our country.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Gramma's "Love Yourself" Breath Excercises

     Finally, with the help of my friend, Emily,  I have made videos of four simple breathing exercises you can try.  They are designed to help you unlearn old, unconscious  breathing habits and bring to your awareness how easy it is to energize, soothe and calm yourself with a full breath. Practice with the videos taking a full inhale and exhale.   Now you will know how to breathe consciously "to pull yourself together" and experience your body, heart and mind in a united state of consciousness.

     These first videos will be focused on ways to accomplish the number one agreement of the Us for Precedent personal changes already listed on this blog. The idea is that by trying the suggestions that will be offered for each agreement you will test if they work . Then if you teach your friends what you've learned, we can begin a wave of change that supports the evolution of consciousness.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Why Do We Allow the Big Banks to Bilk Us?

  I received a letter from Card Member Service informing me of a change in my credit card account. My APR was being "revised" from 8.99% to 12.99%. Naturally, I wondered why since I pay the minimum required or more and am not late.. I read further and was astonished at the blatancy of the  following statement: "The change in the APR on your credit card Account was made as a result of a review of your Account and our decision was based on the net level of profitability on the Account."

 Banks can borrow money at 0%. My savings account earns .15%. The bank uses my money and offers me a credit card at 12.99%. Do the math - who is being served here? Have you noticed similar changes in your account?

Do you know the profits of the "poor" banks that we bailed out? Here is one example: Bank of America received a  $1.9 billion tax refund from the IRS last year, although it made $4.4 billion in profits and received a bailout from the Federal Reserve and the Treasury Department of nearly $1 trillion.  The question we all have to  ask is: Why do we put up with a banking system that is so clearly "taking us to the cleaners"? What are your ideas for change? I'm looking at my credit card habit.

Friday, May 6, 2011

"The Freedom Riders"

Fifty years ago the “Freedom Riders” boarded busses to Mississippi as a first step to stop segregation in transportation and lavatories. It was a small group of black and white young people trained in non-violence who risked their lives and forced the Kennedy administration to take action about segregation.
On May 17th a documentary film commemorating their bravery will be aired on PBS’s program “The American Experience.” Even if you know about the “Freedom Riders,” watch this film. It is deeply moving to witness the sacrifices they made to overcome deep-seated racial hatred and violence.
Young peaceful protesters in many Middle Eastern Countries are in the streets, crying out for freedom from oppressive dictators. Many have already given their lives. Americans are again on the march also. Protests to protect their right to collective  bargaining, to make choices about their own bodies, the treatment of immigrants, profiteering corporations and other infringements of rights and freedom. Change comes with commitment, action and love. Gramma Sez “let our united hearts be the voice of our society.”
 The film premiers on PBS on May 16th at 9pm/8pm central. Go to for more information.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Grandmother Revolution

What fun to tune into Patch Adams again and find out that he is urging us to make the same change that Gramma Sez is needed! We all know what the problems are and they are painful. What I love is Patch's emphasis on the 'how' of making the change. As a woman I know there is nothing more joyful than helping people to solve their problems and find happiness. Our world won't survive unless we become more loving and willing to share and care about each other. Let's join Patch in living this dream together.