Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Grandmother Revolution

What fun to tune into Patch Adams again and find out that he is urging us to make the same change that Gramma Sez is needed! We all know what the problems are and they are painful. What I love is Patch's emphasis on the 'how' of making the change. As a woman I know there is nothing more joyful than helping people to solve their problems and find happiness. Our world won't survive unless we become more loving and willing to share and care about each other. Let's join Patch in living this dream together.

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Be a Model   Take the Lead   Be First

 A Precedent makes changes in one’s own life and is a model citizen. Precedents are leaders in their communities with new ideas about how to participate in self-governing.

There is a demand by people all over the world to change  to more  democratic governments. Their revolutions are being televised and we are witnessing violence an civil wars as part of the changes.

America had its revolution and a Civil War. Now in our country the President can't make the many changes he says he wants to make. The Congress is stalemated. The Supreme Court has a business bias. The corporations, billionaires and millionaires are really in charge. We’ve been asleep, apathetic, depressed and/or just plain cloned by advertising in the media to be good consumers and workers rather than vocal, active citizens.  Gramma Sez it's time for an evolution - a make-over instead of a take-over.  We can begin by insisting that sharing and caring about our welfare be the major role of  local, state and federal governments. This evolution will be "internalized." We can communicate and come to agreements because of the technology we have now and then act together to make the changes we want. We can form a companion government based on a new idea for Us being involved.

Who is going to make this happen??? Why you and me – Us –  by first acting collectively  to change our own attitudes toward one another. We can learn to participate in governing  besides just voting and expecting others to make it happen.    

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Gramma Announces She is Running Us For Precedent!

Last week our President, Barack Obama, announced that he is beginning his campaign for re-election.  His campaign chest is purported to become $1,000,000,000 - one billion dollars!  The Republicans also have several possible candidates, some of whom are very wealthy. We don’t need money to be the determinant of who runs for office, who runs our government or who runs our lives. We also don’t need vitriolic attacks based on making an opponent look bad when power is the real goal and not the welfare of the people. That’s why I’ve decided that now is the time to announce the launching of a new kind of campaign called - Us for Precedent. 

campaign is a model for a different quality of political conversations and actions that acknowledge the connectedness and equality of all human beings without regard to age, sex, ethnicity, religion, education, class or sexual persuasion.We must immediately act as our own representatives to prove to ourselves and the world that as Americans we can agree to realize the ideal of a government that truly cares about the life, liberty and pursuit of happiness of ALL its citizens.  Every major religion in the world says the same thing in different words - that we must do unto others, as we would have others do unto us.  Imagine 2012 State and Federal budgets based on this universal principle!

If you and I can agree to model this principle in our daily lives, then we can set a precedent for a new kind of self-governing society that is truly democratic.  It is Gramma's hope that politicians of all parties will re-examine their motives for wanting to govern and commit to the Platform of the Us for Precedent campaign.

To join the Us for Precedent campaign add your email to my mailing list in the column to the right of this posting or follow me on Twitter and Facebook.

Let Us be the change to realize the American dream.