Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My 80th Birthday Party

On October 14th, 2011 I had a marvelous 80th birthday celebration combined with a presentation of the basic values and goals of Us for Precedent. During my explanation I stressed the importance of recognizing our role of treating each person as part of the human family. I then asked my guests this question: "Will you be a member of my family?" I was given a resounding yes answer. Then I asked "Who is the one to make the change in the way we treat each other?" Half the guests said "I am the one" and the other half said "You are the one". Next,each half reversed their answers.

Since my "Coming out Party" I haven't written a word or shot a video- nada - about Us for Precedent. Occupy Wall St. came to life and I decided to listen and learn about this movement. I went on an Occupy Bellingham trip to Olympia in "Rave Queen", my campaign home. After some amazing interviews with Occupy Seattle members we were getting into Rave when I fell backwards out of its entrance and broke a vertebra in my back and shook up some ribs. Since then, I've been in constant pain and felt as if I had backed out of my own dream work of being a "Precedent".

Since the fall I've been working on my pain and anger. All of sudden I needed to be "taken care of". This realization came to me both as a drag and a gift. I've had to change the way I look at myself. The last three months have been the toughest challenges to my self-esteem and spiritual growth that I've ever had! I've had to ask myself the same question I posed at my party. "Am I the one to help renew the spirit of the Disunited State of America by "being the change". Once again I feel ready to say "I am the One" in answer to the question...Now I ask you to say aloud: "I am the One." Let our united hearts be the voice of our society. Love, Serene