Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Feelings about Mother's Day

Mother's Day is a holiday that celebrates the traditional tasks of women in the context of meeting the needs of their families. Mothers make sure their children have food, water, clothes, shoes, shelter, and sanitation.  Mothers make sure their children share toys with siblings and friends, settle sibling disputes, and decide time-outs.  Our Mothers teach us to respond politely to requests, to make friends from other families, and to go to school.  They provide care for sick family members including most elder care and last, but not least, they teach us to love our family members.
     If we look at the word's problems, the listing above describes the same tasks that on a societal scale need to be addressed by governments. In country after country, including the USA, large budget cuts are being proposed in these "caring" areas. We need governing to be "motherly" with caring, sharing, cooperation, peace and love as its goals. Our Constitution describes it as "provide for the General Welfare."
   Women all over the world are raising their voices and are demanding to be heard.  It is time for us to be equally represented at all levels of government. Gramma sez: Moms and Grandmothers know what "needs doing" for the families of the world. Let's organize a companion government and see what we can do together.  (More about this idea later.) Until then - Happy  Mother's Day.

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