Friday, April 8, 2011

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Dudley Evenson said...

Gramma, we are looking forward to more of your videos on YouTube and more about the US for Precedent campaign. This is the perfect time for those of us who care about our world to work together to create a 'Companion Government' to bring into manifestation the hopes and dreams we have for a glorious world of peace, health and harmony, right here, right now.

Anonymous said...

So this is where grounded individuals who are taking control of their lives can put things into perspective and begin to act further to promote the evolution of humanity! I appreciate your ability to achieve clarity and strength of will to encourage empowerment in our lives and community. It's time to create a healthier, happier community right now!!! Thank you for standing up.

Johnny Boy Free said...

We need more of an attitude change like you are talking about that results in action plans and changes in the way we function as a "democracy". Let's move away from the "corporatocracy" to a truly more representative type government.

Johnny Boy Free