Thursday, June 2, 2011

Gramma's "Love Yourself" Breath Excercises

     Finally, with the help of my friend, Emily,  I have made videos of four simple breathing exercises you can try.  They are designed to help you unlearn old, unconscious  breathing habits and bring to your awareness how easy it is to energize, soothe and calm yourself with a full breath. Practice with the videos taking a full inhale and exhale.   Now you will know how to breathe consciously "to pull yourself together" and experience your body, heart and mind in a united state of consciousness.

     These first videos will be focused on ways to accomplish the number one agreement of the Us for Precedent personal changes already listed on this blog. The idea is that by trying the suggestions that will be offered for each agreement you will test if they work . Then if you teach your friends what you've learned, we can begin a wave of change that supports the evolution of consciousness.