Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Us for Precedent
A Process of Creating a United State

As a Precedent I agree to make the following changes and commitments:
My Personal Changes – I Agree to:
1.     LOVE of self and others as the motivation for my actions.
2.    TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for daily maintenance of a healthy, happy lifestyle.
3.    RECOGNIZE and HEAL my part in family problems, grudges and divorces.
4.    PARTICIPATE in the lives of elders (relatives and neighbors) and honor their right to grow old with dignity and in safe happy environments.
5.    BUY and SELL locally to support sustainable community economies including using local banks and credit unions.
6.    CARE for the earth as my personal home.

My Community Commitments – I Will Act to See That My Local Government:
1.     GIVES top priority to the physical and emotional needs, the learning opportunities and safe recreational facilities for our children.
2.     SHARES community resources so that each person has food, shelter, and opportunities to learn and work.
3.     ACKNOWLEDGES the connectedness and equality of all human beings without regard to age, sex, race, ethnicity, religion, education, class, or sexual persuasion. 
4.     HONORS all veterans and their families with the personal understanding and services they need to lead peaceful lives.
5.     IDENTIFIES those persons endangered by violence, domestic abuse or neglect.

State/ National Actions – I Will Raise My Voice to My Legislative Representatives to:
1.    INSIST that each person in every country has the right to water, food, sanitation, shelter and the pursuit of happiness.
2.    DEMAND that the resources located in a country be used for the general welfare of the people of that country and not be exploited by large corporations.
3.    SELECT JUDGES from candidates not identified by political party or religion and require that all funds for their campaigns be public information.
4.    PROHIBIT seeds from being owned by a corporation and protect seeds that are the result of a farmer’s harvest.

Activate a circle of friends to join you in working toward realizing the goals of Us for Precedent.


tannia said...

I so much appreciate all the thought and work that went into this platform. Lets all co-operate to get it out there!

tannia said...

I so much appreciate all the thought and work that went into this platform. Lets all co-operate to get it out there!

Dudley Evenson said...

Gramma, these ideas are right on. I hope everyone will embrace them and we will be able to create a new kind of society based on self responsibility and compassion. Thanks for formulating this platform to help us think about governing ourselves in a new way.