Thursday, October 4, 2012

We know what divides us, now it's time to find what unites us!

Republican and Democratic Conventions are over and have succeeded in showing clearly what issues deeply divide our people.  No matter what candidates win the presidency, seats in congress, or governorships, we can look forward to the same governmental stalemates that have plagued our country for the last four years.  Can we overcome our divisiveness and focus on what we can agree on?  Gramma Sez “We can agree and unite to create a society based on caring and sharing.” Come to the Us for Precedent Unconventional Convention on Oct 14 at Presence Studio in Bellingham and let’s find out what we can agree on and take actions together for meaningful change. Are we willing to look at our own values and attitudes and change our “consumer lifestyles”? These are the questions that the Unconventional Convention will be addressing.
Here's a link to the Facebook event.  Hope to see you on Oct 14 -