Thursday, April 14, 2011


Be a Model   Take the Lead   Be First

 A Precedent makes changes in one’s own life and is a model citizen. Precedents are leaders in their communities with new ideas about how to participate in self-governing.

There is a demand by people all over the world to change  to more  democratic governments. Their revolutions are being televised and we are witnessing violence an civil wars as part of the changes.

America had its revolution and a Civil War. Now in our country the President can't make the many changes he says he wants to make. The Congress is stalemated. The Supreme Court has a business bias. The corporations, billionaires and millionaires are really in charge. We’ve been asleep, apathetic, depressed and/or just plain cloned by advertising in the media to be good consumers and workers rather than vocal, active citizens.  Gramma Sez it's time for an evolution - a make-over instead of a take-over.  We can begin by insisting that sharing and caring about our welfare be the major role of  local, state and federal governments. This evolution will be "internalized." We can communicate and come to agreements because of the technology we have now and then act together to make the changes we want. We can form a companion government based on a new idea for Us being involved.

Who is going to make this happen??? Why you and me – Us –  by first acting collectively  to change our own attitudes toward one another. We can learn to participate in governing  besides just voting and expecting others to make it happen.    

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Limitless: The possibilities are limitless, Our potential is awe inspiring. We are each the greatest mystery and each our best hope for the world we want to live in.
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GrammaSez said...

Scott - thanks for your response. You are absolutely right about our limitless potential as human beings. Stay tuned. We can turn this world around together!

Dudley Evenson said...

Gramma, I just watched this video by Dr. Patch Adams. He says we need a 'Grandmother Revolution.' He also says there is no way we will survive as a society until we change our ways of war to ways of love. He is a good ally for Gramma!